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Gustavo Ferrer, MD, FCCP, is an experienced pulmonologist trained both in Cuba and the US, founder of the Cleveland Clinic Florida Cough Clinic, Interstitial Lung Disease and president of Intensive Care Experts / Aventura Pulmonary Institute. An authority on respiratory ailments with over 20 years of experience. 

Using his many years of experience he authored three books to help many around the world. These books are available at booksellers and Amazon.




Dr. Ferrer is an accomplished author, endowed with extensive experience in the field of medicine. One of the several books he has written is Graceful Exit: How to Advocate Effectively, Take Care of Yourself, and Be Present for the Death of a Loved One.

In 2018 the book won “Gold” at the Nautilus Book Award.


In a second book, Cough Cures: The Best Natural Remedies and Over-the-Counter Drugs for Acute and Chronic Cough (Moxie Life Press, April 2016) challenges our Western mindset that over medicates Dr. Ferrer offers a blend of Western and natural remedies to effectively address both acute and chronic respiratory issues. 


Cough Cures was translated into Spanish with the title Cura Tu Tos con Los Remedios de Abuelita: Una Guía Completa de Los Mejores Remedios Naturales y Medicinas Sin Receta Médica Para la Tos Aguda y Crónica (Moxie Life Press, October 2016).

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Purchase Here:



“Read this book before you believe you will need it and keep it readily available for when you do.”


—Patrick O’Malley, PhD, author of Getting Grief Right: Finding Your Story of Love in the Sorrow of Loss

“Graceful Exit will empower readers at a time when they feel most vulnerable. This book is an important contribution to the literature on how to optimize one’s quality of life at every stage.”


—Julie Silver, MD, associate professor and associate chair, department of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School; author of Life After Stroke

“In Graceful Exit, Dr. Ferrer smooths out life’s rockiest roads with authentic compassion and practical directives gleaned from his bedside experiences. 

Graceful Exit meets your loved one and you where you are and guides you the rest of the journey.”


—Jeffrey L. Brown, PsyD, ABPP, assistant clinical professor, department of psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; author of The Winner’s Brain, The Runner’s Brain, and Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Think Positive for Great Health

It’s been said that the role of a leader is to keep hope alive. Dr. Ferrer is keeping hope alive for many with his new approaches and his constant striving to learn so that he can teach.”


— M. General USA (R) Bernard Loeffke, Ph.D.

President of Helping Others Today

Dr. Ferrer has been my colleague for many years and his wealth of knowledge continues to impress me. He always strives to learn more and stay on the cutting edge in his field.”


— Dr. Jeremy Robertson



Dr. Ferrer is an experienced platform speaker who inspires, encourages and educates his audience large and small. With over 20 years of medical experience coupled with his wisdom and expertise, he will add value to your meeting, special event or conference.



Dr. Ferrer has participated in many press conferences, major television channels,

and newspapers such as:

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701 N Federal Hwy Suite 601, Hallandale Beach,

FL 33009

Tel: 954-482-4747

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